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Home health care is a topic that a family needs to consider nowadays. All of us have aging family members and home health care may be the way to provide them more time at home when their health declines. Home health care agencies provide a wide range of services.


A home health care agency may first be employed for domiciliary care, or simple housekeeping. While a family may feel that this is something they should handle as a family member’s primary caregivers, there are benefits to allowing home health care agencies to provide domiciliary care. First is that these services are guaranteed to be provided on a regular basis. Sometimes a family’s busy schedule keeps them from being good providers. Since non medical services may be seen as non critical, domiciliary care may not be attended to by the family and the elderly’s home may become cluttered and dirty. This can have a bad affect on a person’s health, and we don’t want any family members becoming a patient before their time. So, providing a clean home can be a very good benefit of employing a home health care agency.


Of course, a main reason to use home health care agencies is for the nursing care they offer. There are many elderly family members whose health is good enough to stay at home, but can use the assistance of professional caregivers. These providers will monitor the vital signs of a patient on a regular basis, administer any medicines that the patient needs help with, and provide an overall evaluation of a patient’s health. Professional providers will be more qualified than we are to spot changes in a patient’s condition, although family members can provide long term knowledge of a patient’s health history. While many a patient can take their medicines on their own, dedicated caregivers will ensure that they are taken on time and in the right combinations. This can get tricky for the elderly as sometimes there are a lot of medicines to take. Professional caregivers will ensure that everything is taken at the right time and in the proper amount, so that the family does not need to worry.


Home health care agencies may be able to provide residential senior care as well. By first using home health care, a patient gets used to having non family members in their residence, and may find it easier to make the transition to a senior care center. If the agency has their own senior care center, the caregivers who have been helping your family member will be able to visit them when they move. This can help the transition. If the health care agency that you are using does not have their own senior care facility, they will certainly be familiar with facilities in your part of the United States, and it is always better to have a knowledgeable recommendation.


In the final stages of life, a home health care agency can also provide a recommendation for a hospice facility. Hospice is a care agency for the dying, and being knowledgeable when choosing a hospice that is right for your family member will help this transition go more smoothly for the entire family.

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