Diet and Health – The Motivation For Weight Loss

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We all know that diet and health go hand in hand. Yet most people eat junk and are unhealthy. And those that do decide to try to get healthy often use “fad” diets. These microwave dinner diets are the lazy and unhealthy solution to weight problems. They are loaded with chemicals and preservatives and will […]

Effective Health Diet Plans For Losing Weight

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Our body needs nutrition, not just food and good health requires a healthy lifestyle. Health is not about a short-term diet, it is all about long-term lifestyle change. Clean eating and regular exercise not only makes you fit and healthy but also boosts your metabolism – while helping you lose some weight easily and effectively. […]

Weight Loss – Stop Chasing The Quick Results

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Where ever there are discussions pertaining to weight loss,nutrition, diet, exercise and health,the one topic that comes to mind is that of ‘Junk Science’. Every month there are new claims which are often backed up with extensive research and studies. However, if scientists themselves find it difficult to decide what the truth is,then one cannot […]