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Occupational Health and Safety OHS is a process to ensure that employees stay safe and healthy in the workplace. OHS training is quite important in a number of ways in any work place because the well being of the employees should always be the first priority. There are many different procedures that consist occupational health and safety. These include things like installation of appropriate equipments that protect the workers, providing workers employed in high risk areas with protective clothing and risk assessment to eliminate hazards early enough before it is too late.
Pre Placement Exams
Only workers fit for the specific task should be hired. Unskilled workers can result hazardous for both company and the employees. Pre placement exams like Endurance Test should be taken before hiring an employee. The primary purpose of this is to determine physical and emotional capacity of a person to perform a particular job. Theoretically, a person can be matched to specific jobs, according to his aptitude and his physical and emotional capabilities.
Need of OHS training
Proper training is necessary for employees to make them understand proper risk management techniques. So that they can carry out risk assessment and prevent any potential hazard in the workplace. This will improve the safety levels in the workplace and make sure that the workers are not exposed to things that may cause them any harm. Risk management also involves asbestos testing in the industry. This means that manufacturing companies have to check for the presence of asbestos in their plant. It is a very hazardous and overexposure can cause development of various types of diseases.
Importance of OHS
Occupational Health and Safety is very essential to prevent industrial accidents. Such happenings will not only reduce a worker’s health perform, but also can affect other workers. Therefore, with proper OHS training it is possible to reduce and even eliminate such accident. This will encourage workers to perform better and come up with the best results. OHS is also in line with the government regulations required for employers to fulfil.
Its other benefit is to save on costs. Injuries and illnesses only cost the company a lot of money. Therefore, with proper OHS training the amount of money spent on hospital bills can be reduced. By performing risk assessment, a company spends very less than the amount which has to be spent on injury. It is also noted that work related injuries and deaths not only cause loss to the company but also affect the whole economy. So, OHS training is very important to reduce these occurrences.
Economic benefits
* Improves sustainable development at a national and area level
* Helps to protect the economic independence of the working population
* Improved integration of disabled people into the economically active workforce
* Increased productivity, competitiveness and profitability
Health benefits
* Increase life expectancy
* Increase disability-free life expectancy
* Increase working ability
* Increased age of employees’ working potential
Social and wellbeing benefits
* Improved social image of the company
* Improved self-esteem of employees
* Increased quality of working life
* Increased professional skills of employees
* Increased managerial skills of employees

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